Friday, February 09, 2007

Day two...a surprise at lunch

We were all sitting around a delicious lunch of falafel, hummus, tabouleh, and pita, including Homebirth mom. She was definitely feeling the contractions more now, and was moaning softly through them. In between, she joked with her dog and friends, and ate a sandwich. She was so hungry and grateful she was not in a hospital, where they would hook her up to an IV and starve her feed her only ice chips for her marathon labor.

One of the only unwelcome surprises of the labor was the appearance of Mom of Homebirth Dad. She apparently did not know Homebirth Mom was in labor, or that they were planning a homebirth! Luckily, Homebirth Dad did some MAJOR diversionary tactics. Homebirth Mom stayed comfortable on her birth ball at the table, and Homebirth Dad discreetly shuffled his mother out the front door with a hurried explanation. After a few minutes outside explaining to her why she could not join in the festivities, he returned to sit at the feet of his wife. I am so impressed he didn't bow to his mother's pressure and let her in to where they had decided she would not be helpful.

I am all for having relatives at a birth if they are a positive presence. Homebirth Mom's mom has been a remarkable calm and loving support throughout the entire labor so far. Moms of women in labor tend to be the most supportive or the most fearful and emotional. I am glad Homebirth Mom and Dad seemed to pick the right mom to be at the homebirth!

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