Friday, February 09, 2007

The tinfoil hat resurfaces!

For those of you not following my every move, my Cinderella dreams did come true. Briefly.

I got paid to blog and moderate message boards. My fairy godmother showed up, whisked me away to New York, gave me a laptop, and PAID ME to write My Tinfoil Hat. It was idyllic, for a while.

But, midnight came, my laptop turned back into a pumpkin, and the website is rapidly imploding. While the management manages to blame throw everything on the bloggers, I am once again an unemployed blowhard instead of a paid blogger.

I am going to be pasting my posts from the other site into this one. After that, I am going to take the opportunity to bring on the "sassy" that my supervisors seemed to think I didn't have. I was told in the beginning to tone in down, not everyone was radical freaks like my friends. Appeal to the red states. Make people who wouldn't normally share many of my values feel like they could sit and hang out with me after reading my blog.

Then, I was told that my writing needed to be more "sexy" and the site was looking for a new, hip "voice". You know, one like Jenny McCarthy's. My style was apparently too dry.

So, enough trying to please anyone. This is my blog, and I will do my best to be conscientious, and I do not plan on gratuitously or undeservedly attacking anyone. However, I am not toning it down any more.

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