Friday, February 09, 2007


Last Saturday, I decided to distract myself from overthinking the various synthetic threats that lurk all around my family. I figured baking something delicious and wholesome from scratch would be just the trick. I whipped up a bunch of mama's whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins.

This should keep my husband from having to sneak in contraband, I thought. Like the new evil Entenmanns's individually wrapped snacky cakes aptly named Enten-mini's - that appeared out of nowhere last week. Having my tasty muffins around would prevent another such security breach. I puttered around the kitchen, tidying up, feeling good about myself. Threat averted. No way that that nagging little voice in my head would have anything to say. I hung up my tinfoil hat and then....I still heard the voice.


Did you hear something?


Sigh. My regular muffin pans were old fashioned, not non-stick material. (Hmm, double negative...I guess that would make it stick material?) But, my brand new adorable mini muffin pans were some sort of new, possibly alien acquired technology that made the perfect little mouthfuls glide out with such ease.

Teflon® by DuPont is the original of many extremely low surface friction materials used to coat many surfaces that come in contact with food, including non-stick cookware like my pretty new minimuffin pans. I had heard recently that DuPont had agreed to completely suspend production of Teflon over the next decade. Considering that they make millions of dollars selling the stuff, something major had to be wrong with it. Or, at least that is what the little voice in my head was telling me.

I slammed the tinfoil hat back on, but it was too late. I have to find out more. I will be back with my findings on Teflon.

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