Saturday, February 10, 2007

Slings and arrows for baby carriers

I think I know when to put on my tinfoil hat. When I am reading ingredient lists, it is a must. When I am watching the news, ditto. Shopping for baby carriers? Not so much.

So, I was taken by surprise when I saw this article, written by a chiropractor, saying that certain baby carriers can do spinal damage on babies. I did happen to use the sling with Z, but I very amusingly wore it the wrong way in the beginning. (No, it is not supposed to hang way down low like that, and I have never pretended to be an expert at anything.) It probably was very hammock-like for baby Z, as recommended in the article, but might not have been the best for my back! What slings did you use or do you plan to use? Did your babies seems comfy?

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