Sunday, February 11, 2007

Something imporant to care about, Vol. 2

(Originally posted August 29, 2006)

Ernesto's coming. Once - a - hurricane - now - a - tropical - storm Ernesto.

I live in the orange circle. Eeeek! Nothing makes you freak out more than having someone draw a target with your house in the bullseye on the 24 hour state of emergency news alert.

We have the hurricane shutters up, we have stockpiles of water, food and gas. Anyone who has lived through the last decade of hurricanes around these parts is worried. You don’t have to be a paranoiac like myself.

Today is also the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall in the Gulf. I remember last year, being hunkered down in this same house as Katrina made her first pass over land here in Florida. I lamented the loss of my screens and all the trees in our back yard.

In the following weeks, I could not even remember that there were trees in my back yard. I remember hearing interviews and news reports on the radio on the way to work that made me cry so hard I had to pull over.

Happy first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans. Some of us were paying attention then, and some of us have not forgotten yet. One of the candles I will be lighting tonight when the lights go out will be for you.

Photo credits: WPLG Channel 10 Miami, stock.xchng and me

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