Thursday, February 22, 2007

And the booby prize goes Again.

In case you had any doubt before, UNICEF just rated the United States the LOWEST out of 21 wealthy industrialized countries in health and safety of its children. We were ranked above only Great Britain overall for the welfare of our children.

According to one of the authors of the report, the United States fares so poorly "because of greater economic inequality and poor levels of public support for families."

I am so sick of living in a country where we don't think twice about corporate welfare, excessive military funding, and tax cuts for the rich, and our children and families are suffering every day. Even though my husband is a public school teacher, we can't afford the cost to be on their family medical plan. So, we bought a cheaper one, which we struggle and scrape to pay for every month. And you know what? I am thinking of canceling it an just paying for catastrophic care. I can't afford the deductible when I need to go in anyway. I have at least four things I can think of that I would go see a doctor for if I had the money. Hope they don't get worse.

If you were wondering what was wrong with support of families in America, or wanted to know what people are trying to do about it, please visit Moms Rising, home of The Motherhood Manifesto.


eg said...

Way to speak the truth mama. It's a crying shame, a disgrace. The infant mortality rate in some US counties has got to be even lower than some "developing" countries. And a nation of uninsured children and their parents is beyond belief in 2007.
I remember when Castro invited a bunch of students from poor counties to come to medical school for free in Cuba, and then they would come back to the US to practice in their communities like a reverse peace corps.
The health indicators in Cuba, despite the embargo, are actually better in alot of areas than the US.
Aaahh crazy fucked up world.
I like those posters of a playground that say "And some day the military will have to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber, and schools will have all the books they need."
How much health insurance would one days spending on the war in Iraq buy?
And why is it that the US actually spends MORE on "health" than any other country in the world, yet people are poor and unhealthy and uninsured with no access to basic medical care.?!
Where does all that money go?
Insurance forms?!?

Hoping you get some coverage for your family.
Thanks for handing out the booby prize.

Hilary said...

I live very near Cuba, and you are totally speaking the truth. I am sure they were not listed in this study as a "wealthy" nation. They have a decentralized not for profit system based on clinic in neighborhoods with family practitioners. it is highly successful, completely despite the ridiculous embargo. China = most favored trading nation status. Cuba = pariahs. WTH?

I heard Dennis Kucinich discussing not for profit health care on the radio yesterday. I just went to a few Democratic contenders websites to make sure I was spelling his name right, and he wasn't even listed on some. Sigh.